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I see so many cute Crossfit Hoodies, T-shirts and tank tops on Twitter and Facebook and I want to buy them all!

One day I saw a tweet for a super cute tank top. I followed the link and immediately decided I wanted to order it. The tank was by Chase Infinite. Aside from the cute tank tops that promote the empowerment of women, I noticed that they donate $1 from each sale to charity. That made me feel even better about buying from them!

I ordered their “Respect the girls” burnout tank top. When reading the info about this tank top I saw that $1 from the sale of each of these tank tops is donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “an organization that is dedicated to eliminating domestic violence and encourages respect for all people. Learn more here – (” (Quoted portion taken from the Chase Infinite website.)

When I got my tank in the mail, I was surprised to see a handwritten note inside along with my tank top!

How awesome is that personal touch?!

I wore my tank top for a killer track workout (Crossfit style, of course), and after I was done, my son took a couple pics of me!

The back of the tank has 7 of the “girls” Crossfit benchmark workouts. It fits great and I love the length.

When I tweeted that I loved the tank top, Chase Infinite contacted me and asked if they could include me in a video they were creating about empowering women. I really want to help inspire others. So of course I agreed!

The video is amazing! But don’t take my word for it, watch it for yourself!

Happy Valentines Day – From Your Fitness Tank from Chase Infinite on Vimeo.

I love that I am a part of such a positive message!

Did you see me in the video?

Chase Infinite is offering all of you 20% off their tank tops! Use the code FITNESS at checkout!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I selected and purchased the Respect the Girls burnout tank on my own & paid full price. I am writing this post because I love my tank top and I love the message promoted by Chase Infinite, not because Chase Infinite, or anyone else asked me to. J

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