DIY – No sew tutu

My friend, Christie O. is a total badass. She is (among other awesome things) a triathlete, half-marathoner and full marathoner. Bad.Ass. She has run 2 half marathons and a full marathon wearing a tutu. Yes, you read that correctly, she wore a tutu while running. See, she’s a badass, but she likes to have fun. I mean, if you aren’t having fun, then why are you doing it at all, right?

Last week, she posted on Shrinking Jeans a how-to on her race tutus. (You can read it here. It’s awesome! There are full instructions and even a video!)

When I originally read the tutu post, I thought it was cute, but really didn’t think much more about it.  I have fun when I run, but I am not the dress up type.

I don’t really remember what changed my mind. But I woke up Tuesday morning and decided I wanted to make a tutu. I didn’t have a race to wear it for. And I didn’t realize that my friends who were headed to fitbloggin were making them too, when I originally made my decision. I just woke up feeling like I needed to make a tutu.

So, I did!

I went to the gym and had a kick ass workout! Then I went here:

I was almost giddy when I walked into the store. (I was sweaty too, but that’s beside the point!) I started walking through the aisles of fabric, searching for tule. I’m not really the fabric buying kinda gal, so I was in barely chartered territory. Then I found it! There were so many different kinds! But my eyes went immediately to the tule that had to have been placed there just for me! I took the bolts to the counter and asked for the required number of yards (10-12 yards total).

There was an older lady behind me in line and she asked what I was making. I was pretty giddy and excitedly told her that I was making a tutu! She looked at me with some confusion. I must have told her I might run in it because I remember her telling me, “Oh my daughter is a runner, but she doesn’t dress up.” The complete lack of any “fun” in her tone made me realize right then and there, I will wear this tutu during a half marathon. Because I am a runner, and who cares if I dress up or not. Dressing up does not take away my runner status.

When I got home, I really wanted to get started on making my tutu, but I had some other things to take care of, so I had to wait.

Then it was time…

The sparkly pink and while tule screamed for my tiara to be included! Who am I to argue? 😉

I got out the required materials:

I took the tule to my dining room table and stretched it across the table. The directions say to cut 6″ strips. Imagine my surprise when I determined that the tiles on dining room table were 6″! It made it so easy!

Yes, I’m a lefty. (It’s one of many awesome things about me!)

I got all my tule cut and I was ready to start tying it on the elastic! Since I didn’t have nearly as much pink as I did white, I did 3 strips of white and a strip of pink.

The more strips I tied on, the giddier I got! I couldn’t wait to try it on!

And then it was done…

It’s perfect! I absolutely love it! And yes, I needed to wear the tiara too! I mean c’mon!

I don’t know what is in store for this tutu – but I can tell you that it made me happy flitting around the house wearing it! Maybe if I’m in a down mood, I will break out the tutu and tiara and wear them to improve my mood!

There is already talk of me making a camouflage tutu for Tough Mudder in September… stay tuned for that!

A few people on my FaceBook asked why I made this. I love my response:

Why not? Does there need to be a reason? Enjoy life! Make a tutu!


  1. Mara says:

    Me Maura Suulivan.. and ADULT

  2. Brooke says:

    you are fabulous!! and i think the idea of wearing it just to make yourself feel better is equally fabulous!!

  3. It’s a scientific fact that tutus make you faster, lighter on your feet, and therefore provide endurance for long distance events! :) <3

  4. […] the course is through Disneyland! How cool is that?! I fully intend to run this half mary in the tutu I made and quite possibly a tiara! Oh yes, I […]

  5. Mikiko says:

    ahahaha that’s so cute!

    And yeah, I totally agree with you… why does there have to be a reason for everything? :))

  6. Jana says:

    How tall are you? Trying to make one and I like that length

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