Conquering mountains – Getting the 20” box jump


The longer I Crossfit, the more I want to be able to RX workouts. I want to be stronger and faster. I want to jump higher and climb the rope. I want to string together double unders. I want to conquer mountains.

I understand that it takes time and patience and a lot of hard work.  And I love putting in the hard work!  The patience part?  I’m working on that.  ;-)

There’s one movement that seemed to get inside my head like no other. The box jump. When I started crossfit, I started with the 12″ box. After about a month I graduated to the 16″ box and never looked back.

When we did the WODS from the 2013 Crossfit Open, I learned that RX for women was 20″, but it was perfectly acceptable to do steps ups. Well, I can of course step up 20″. Read more

Better Than Pirate’s Booty! A Savage Life Apparel Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)


At the end of February, I saw a tweet from Savage Life Apparel with a picture of their Better Than Pirate’s Booty tank top. Immediately, I knew I wanted it! Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Krista from Savage Life Apparel and I have been fortunate enough to be able to review the Better Than Pirate’s Booty tank top!

You haven’t heard of Savage Life Apparel? Let’s remedy *that* right now!  Savage Life Apparel is run by a crossfitting couple who wanted to focus on the basic stable of any wardrobe – the basic tee. Their designs are meant to be worn while WODing or with your favorite pair of jeans. They offer choices for men, women and kids!

Let’s talk about how the tank top fits and handles a WOD!

As soon as I put it on, I feel in love! It’s super soft, fit perfectly and the length was PERFECT! Now, I like my workout tank tops to be a bit on the longer side. Plus, with this tank top, it put the amazing design, right over your booty! What a perfect spot for the phrase, “better than pirate’s booty” right? J Read more

Transformation Tuesday – The proof is in the pictures!

I am, and will always be, a huge proponent of taking progress pictures and measurements. I know they suck, especially at the beginning, but I am not kidding you when I say do them. They are for you and you never, ever have to show anyone. But do them.

Here’s why…

One day I was cleaning off my desk and I came across this picture…

That’s me in 2004. I’m glad I didn’t find this picture until 2011, because I might have ripped it to shreds if I found it back in 2004 or even 2005. Today I use it as a motivator and to show myself how far I’ve come and how much I am capable of accomplishing!

But Beki, what if I didn’t take a true before picture and I know there isn’t one laying around? Read more

Crossfit Open 14.5 – Thrusters & Burpees: OH MY!

photo 1

I know, I know, this post is about a week late, but maybe this is my way of keep the Open from being over.

I can’t believe it’s already over. These last 5 weeks seemed to fly by! There are a lot of people are happy about it, but I really enjoyed everything about the Open. (Yes, even week 2 which was emotional for me, darned overhead squats!) Next week, I will share what the Open meant to me and what I learned.

The final Open WOD… 14.5

The 14.5 announcement was in San Francisco, which is about 60 miles south of me. A lot of people I knew were able to go. I wanted to go sooo badly, but that damned surgery in February left me with zero personal time from work. So I didn’t get to see Mr. Froning up close. Boo. But I *did* get to see him on the ginormous projection screen at the box!

Read more

Crossfit Open 14.4 – Feeling Chipper!

Each week of the Crossfit Open, Crossfitters all over wait anxiously for the next installment of Dave Castro’s evil genius. But this week, he offered us a small tidbit, a 15 second teaser on Instagram of what was in store for us for 14.4…

In the video Dave Castro is asked if he can give any hints about 14.4. His response was, “nah” while he stuck a tree branch into a chipper while laughing his amazingly evil laugh.

So 14.4 was going to be a chipper… Read more

Crossfit Open 14.3 – The Rollercoaster continues…

(I can’t believe it took me so long to finish this post. At the time I hit publish, I’ve already finished the 14.4 workout. Sorry I was a slacker this week!)

Well week 3 of the 5 week Crossfit Open is over. And no one told me these 5 weeks were going to be such a roller coaster of emotions!

Week 1: Double unders and shoulder to overheads – UP!

Week 2: Overhead squats & chest to bar pull-ups – DOWN!

Week 3: Deadlifts and box jumps – UP AGAIN!


On March 12th (the day before 14.3 was announced) I had my surgery follow-up visit. I told my doctor that I had been working out. Her response was, “you likely recovered so quickly because you are an athlete.” She called me an athlete! That statement had me floating on air the rest of the day!

She also gave me the all-clear – which means that I could go back to working out 5-6 days a week!

So on Thursday, instead of paying attention to the announcement of Open 14.3, I did a goat workout. And wouldn’t you know it? My trainer had me doing overhead squats. No big shocker there! Read more

My Favorite Paleo Recipes

I was introduced to paleo when I started Crossfit Force at the end of September 2013.

Food and eating can be an emotional thing for me. However, the exposure to paleo has been, overall, an extremely positive and healthy experience. Even when I’m eating non-paleo foods, my choices are generally much healthier than before I learned what the paleo lifestyle was about.

Now, of course you can cook simple meals like chicken and veggies, or steak and veggies – but let’s be honest, that can get boring. Because I know that if I can find meals that I love, I’m more likely to stick with paleo, I’ve have come to love Pinterest and my paleo cookbooks. I’ve even begun to expand my limited palate (If you don’t know me, you would say I’m a picky eater, if you do know me, you know it’s much more than that). Moving toward a paleo lifestyle has made me a better cook!

Starting to cook some of the paleo recipes was difficult for me because some of the ingredients sounded “weird”, but more often than not, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

I would love it if you followed me on Pinterest – or at least followed my Tried and Yummy Paleo Board!

Here are my top 4 current favorite paleo recipes:

4. Paleo Fried Chicken

Read more

Crossfit Open 14.2 – A Goat is Exposed

Talk about a complete 180 in the confidence department.

Last week I was on cloud 9 for days after 14.1. Nine days after having laparoscopic surgery, I posted a 112 with double unders and 55 pound clean and jerks.

This week has been an emotional ride as well, but not a positive one like last week. This week I have cried about 3 times, and after a lot of effort (unsuccessfully) trying to get just one 65 pound overhead squat, I am officially out of the Open.

As soon as 14.2 was announced I knew it was going to be unlikely that I was going to be able to post a score. It wasn’t a lack of belief in myself, or being negative. It was a realistic, honest view of my abilities at that moment in time. I am terrible at overhead squats, and my max (before my surgery) was 30 pounds. I have no problems front squatting or back squatting 65 pounds. And before my surgery I was able to clean and jerk (not easily, but I could do it) 65 pounds. But at this point in time, I cannot snatch 65 pounds and I cannot overhead 65 pounds. Read more

2014 Crossfit Open 14.1

I’ve been thinking about how to write about this, my very first official competition workout, since I completed it Friday, February 28th.

I could start by saying that before the 28th, the last time I completed any sort of workout was on February 10th. (17 days without a single workout, Crossfit or otherwise, 17 days largely spent on the couch or in bed.) That on February 19th, I underwent laparoscopic surgery to have my twisted up fallopian tube removed. And that because of this surgery, I had reluctantly accepted the fact that I would not be getting any official score for any of the 2014 Open workouts.

February 27th marked the beginning of the 2014 Crossfit Open. The first workout was announced at 5pm Pacific. I left work and headed to Crossfit Force. Not because I thought I was going to be able to participate, but to be with my friends who were going to compete. Even if I couldn’t compete, I still wanted to be part of it.

I could feel the excitement as soon as I entered the box. Our trainer had his projector set up, so we could watch, on a very large screen, the announcement and the first 2 men compete.

(If you look at the bottom of this picture, you can see the rowers lined up. This should give you an idea how large the projection screen was!) Read more

Bacon Roses (Are those paleo?)





Everyone loves bacon, right?

(image credit)

One thing I’ve noticed since becoming active in the Crossfit and Paleo communities is that the bacon love is real.

About a month ago, I decided to get on Pinterest to see if I could find some Valentine’s day ideas for a certain Crossfit Guy I’ve been seeing. (No, I haven’t talked about him here, and yes, that’s why my Single Saturday posts stopped happening, and no, I will not be answering any questions about him yet.) Since we haven’t been dating too long, I didn’t want to go overboard for Valentine’s day, but I did want him to know that I like him. Read more

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